Thursday, 17 February 2011

If Aliens Built the Pyramids...

Alien vs Predator was on telly the other night. And I watched the whole thing, which is surprising considering I find films with monsters, aliens and goblins a bit boring, especially after enduring the major fail that goes by the name of Jeepers Creepers. The whole premise of the film is that the Predators (the ones with dreadlocks) guard underground Aztec pyramid temples from pesky archaeologists and aliens as a right of passage, and the humans become trapped in a war between the battling species. There's also lots of freaky squelchy eggs that spawn baby aliens that attach themselves to people's faces, just to make the film a little bit more uncomfortable to watch! The plot reminded me of a well-known theory that aliens helped build the Ancient Egyptian's pyramids. The sheer size of them, their perfect angles and the fact that the Great Pyramid sits in the middle of the Earth's land mass have sparked thoughts that the could have only been designed by extra-terrestrial beings.

I like a good conspiracy to get stuck into but this one doesn't really sit right with me. Wouldn't you think that the aliens would have built something a little more... high tech? Judging by their swish blinking flying saucers it's permissible to think that maybe the pyramids should have been built out of metal and glass instead of dusty stone. With a few escalators and automatic doors? A few LED lights inside would be quite nice too. Even in 2500BC the aliens would be lightyears ahead of us in terms of technology and design.

Instead of this:

You'd think they would built something like this:

Or this!

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