Friday, 24 September 2010

Team Feline

Judging by the amount of cat themed birthday cards I got about four months ago, you could definitely tell that I love cats. I love any animal (except for insects, don't really mind spiders as they don't fly and buzz around your face) but cats, big or small, wild or domestic, really are the kings of the jungle. IKEA picked up on the amazingness of cats and have featured them in their new advert, which by the way I love and have to watch and make everyone else in the room do so too when it comes on TV:


Dogs are great too. You'd have to have a cold heart made of stone to resist the brown puppy dog eyes that attest to their loyalty
, as well as beg for scraps of food and playtime. A dog is always going to be more useful for security (unless you can keep a ferocious wild cat) or for playing with and taking out for walks. But here are some reasons why cats are a bajillion times better:

- They're independent. There's no need to pick up poop or taking them for walks when you'd rather be in bed, unless you have one of those cool dog-like cats who like being taken out on a leash. They can entertain themselves and the best thing is watching them chase flies, bits of fluff, string, laser pointers and behaving like raving lunatics during their midnight bursts of energy when everyone in the house is trying to sleep.

- They're damn cute. Especially when they're kittens. If you have a cat, you've probably held it's paw and pressed down on the padded bits to make the claws protract, like something out of X-Men. Cats paws are too cute. Even cuter than their cute whiskers, cute fluffy fur, and cute pink noses.

- They're cleaner. It all depends on which type of dog you'll be comparing to a cat but generally cats are more hygienic. Their tongues are covered with thousands of hooks, like the rough side of velcro, which they use to groom themselves until they're cleaner, softer and shiner than Cheryl Cole's L'Oreal hair. Also their saliva contains an antibacterial enzyme that basically acts like a body wash. Beats the smell of wet dog.

- They're calmer and more sophisticated. Cats purrs are instant nerve calmers, sleep inducers and happy triggers. A cat won't jump on you as soon as you walk in, a cat won't try to hump your guest's leg and a cat won't slobber all over the floor. Cats are like James Bond, charming, sleek and aloof. Most dogs are verging on being the pet equivalent of Slimer from Ghostbusters.

- They have nine lives.

- They're adventurous. A dog hardly goes far outside without it's owner as it enjoys human companionship. Cats, on the other hand, will think nothing of slinking out for the night to meet up with other cats, climb on roofs, hunt for food, and come back with rodent or insect souvenirs to leave by your feet before you leave for work. There's this nifty little camera that you can attach to a cat's collar that takes regular photos of what they get up to when they're out. This can either be interesting (catnip roof top parties with other cats? Weird nocturnal encounters? Secret government hideaways?) or boring (lots of lying around, grooming, scratching, and running away from loud people and chugging cars). 

Or maybe their mystery is too intriguing and to precious to shatter?

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